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August 22, 2008

where has the time gone!!???

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 wow it has been forever since i have been on here!! i hope im not the only one not keeping up with it!!!

well im a senior!! yay! im going half days, so it shouldn’t be to hard this year, but you never know… I have finally passed drivers ed and behind the wheel!!! and im now able to legally drive by myself!!! im so happy!!  not much has really happened..

i did go white water rafting with my friends, in WV. my cousin is one of the rafting guides on the new river. it was so much fun.. i think i even want to do it again next year!!.


June 27, 2008

my summer so far!!

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 wow can you believe that it is almost JULY!!! its crazy!!!

this whole month i have been so busy!  right when school was out my family and i went to KY to see my family. my Dads sister lives in Louisville and his brother flew in from CA. so it was a small family reunion.. Then we got back and had maybe a week to rest clean and pack before my grandparents arrived at our house. They drove all the way from CA, but they stopped to see everyone on the way, about a 2 month trip. We had a few days with them then my youth group went on a mission trip to Chattanooga Tn for a week. That was really fun, we camped out all week in tents and thank the Lord it only rain hard once.. we went to a monastery, and kids 4 Christ( a wed. night child care/ youth group, for all ages, i had first graders and kindergartners.) and got to meet alot of people in different situations. we also went caving!!! so fun and went to falls creek falls, a beautiful water fall that we swam in.. then the eight hour ride to and from Tn was one of the best parts!! sleep!!!!  When my sister and i got home from the mission trip, my grandparents and parents were in PA. for my cousins wedding, so we were home alone. HaHa.. Then two days after they got back we went to WV to see my other cousins. They just had a baby!! brianha Mei..!!! 6 weeks old!!  i held her and she didnt even cry!!! we spent only a day and a half up there then came home. and now its almost July!!!

i also babysit almost every weekend for a family with one boy. It is so fun!! they live on the lake so we go swimming a lot. and ride bikes  and play out side. But we also watch loads of movies and play video games! it does take up all of my weekend which stinks but i have fun doin it..

 and that is all in a month !!!where has my summer gone?!!!  

May 30, 2008

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May 19, 2008


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 I’m reading Wuthering Heights, again, and the presents of unforgiveness has really jumped out at me.  How most of the story is based on the inability to forgive.They all hate Hindley for his oppression over them during childhood and as adults they were never able to forgive him. All the hatred they had stored in their hearts gave them no room to really love or forgive others. Well that’s part of it anyway. It just proves that holding a grudge and wanting revenge will get you no where in life. You need to have a forgiving eart and put it behind you.   The verse from Matthew 18:22 that says to forgive your brother “not seven times, but seventy-seven times” just keeps coming to mind as i continue to read this book. If they would have just forgave the people that had sinned against them their whole lives would have been different.  Wuthering Heights is a really great book. The way Emily Bronte wrote this book can make you just fall in love with the characters.  It is kinda hard to get through but once i finished it i wanted to read it again!! I hope you will take time to read this book, if you let yourself you can learn alot from it.


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Can you believe that it is only like nine days until summer?!! that’s so crazy!! This year has gone by so fast! And next year i will be a senior!! wow!! me a senior… ha ha. All the plans for college and a job and all that is really starting to add up.  I have a few plans for summer though.. My youth group is going to Tennesee  for a mission trip in June so that is going to be fun. Its a mystery trip, so we really don’t know what were going to be doing yet but we do know that we will be able to go to a monastery and talk to some monks. And my family is going to Kentucky also in June to see some family. And my cousin just had baby so we will also be taking a trip up to West Virginia to see them, I believe also in June. And some time during the summer my grandparents are coming from California to stay with us for a while.. So that is pretty much my summer as of now but you never know what will happen!!!

April 28, 2008

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( this looks like what she made can’t you just smell the yummyness?!!)Amanda brought in some cookie bars that she made into lunch. They were so yummy!!  They had chocolate chips(mini Hersey kisses) and just regular cookie dough i guess. She loves to bake and she’s really good at it to!! Thank You AMANDA!!

Senior Banquet

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 The day Keelie and I got back from the beach, was senior banquet.we got to her hair dressers around one-ish and then we went to get our hair done.(LOTS OF HAIR SPRAY!!!) Then once we were ready we went to ferrum college for the banquet. The room looked great,especially with the white seat covers! and the candles and roses..   Some of the seniors read their wills which all were funny yet heart felt. Mr. Miller’s song was so awesome. One of the best parts of the night.. We all had a good laugh.. And of course the seniors pictures! of them from little kids to now.. It was cool to get a glimpse into there childhood.   Then afterwards all the cameras went crazy! So many pictures I think i was in about 25 and I’m not even a senior!!  When finally all the pictures were over we (Shannon, Jenna,Keelie, Marie and I) all went out to Applebee’s. good times. More pictures were taken there of course. 

myrtle beach

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 Well last week keelie and I , along with her mom and Chancey, went to myrtle beach. I had alot of fun.  On the car ride down there we slept most of the way. It only rained a little bit but the days it did rain we thought that it was a good excuse to go shopping!! Keelie got her ears pierced at one of the malls we went to, and i got a second one. We also went to ,I think it was called Singing in the Sun.. maybe, but it was a southern gospel concert that went on for a few days. We saw the Browns, the Perrys, Brian Free and Assurance, and many others.. We had loads of fun. We got pictures with a lot of the people as well. One day we went to the beach and werein the ocean for a while, and of coarse i got sunburned!!  Thank You keelie for taking me!!! I had a lot  of fun!! 

April 14, 2008


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 I have been reading this series by Lori Copeland called “Men of The Saddle”. I not only love the way she writes but the story really draws you in. I find that I can just spend hours upon hours reading these books. It is set in around 1860’s with “cowboys” living out west and it tells of all the hardships of living during that time; about the war and the families left to fend for themselves afterwards.They are really funny and are very enjoyable to read. I often find myself laughing and crying out loud!All the books in the series( well so far) are also love stories. They are also a Christian series. It shows how God can work in ones life even when you think there’s nothing left to work with. It relates most everything to Scripture and makes you think about your spiritual life as well. If you ever get a chance to read this series, I’m sure you will enjoy them.

April 10, 2008


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Well in two weeks I’m going to the beach with my friend Keelie and her mom and her mom’s fiance. That should be soooo fun.  I can’t wait. She said were going to concerts and what not but I’m really looking forward to it. And then the day we get back is our senior banquet. Keelie has already made hair appointments and we both have our dresses so that should be fun as well. so i just have to make it through one more week.. I think I can handle that..!!

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